Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Movie: Black Magic Rites (1973)

The early 70s is a sweet spot of horror for me of late.
This is a bit of Italian sleeze about a dead witch and the cult trying to bring her back to life.  I am not sure how they are going to do that, but it involves a lot of blood and sex.

The Blu-Ray I have looks great, even if the story is so simple that there is really isn't much to say about it.  Really it is just a thin excuse to show a bunch of naked women.

Though it does give me some ideas for an evil cult and the mummy of their dead high priestess.

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faoladh said...

I think that my favorite early '70s movie about magic and magicians is Simon, King of the Witches, but those Italian ones are super-gonzo, and well worth it for fans of exploitation cinema.