Monday, January 16, 2012

What I Don't Want

I do not want 5e to be like an older edition or a retro-clone.

I own and have played every edition of D&D ever published.  I have (nearly) every retro- and near- clone there is.

5e can support older editions, it can even emulate some of the features of older games, but it should be be it's own game.


Charlie Warren said...

Short, simple, clearly stated, and to the point. I completely agree with your sentiments. Looking back over the various editions there has been quite a bit of experimentation with adding abilities, rules for alternate ability score generation methods, various classes, etc. on down through the list of topics. I'm more interested with Wizards carrying on the spirit and intent of the game instead of just re-stating the rules again.

Charlie Warren said...

d'oh - hit the enter button by accident. To illustrate what I am saying...

If the designers wanted to bring back Comeliness or add in Perception then I am fine with that. If they want to go with 3 base classes and customize until you get a paladin, ranger, etc. then I am fine with that. Simply put, experiment and think outside the box to see what works.

A Moody Bastard said...

Thinking outside the box, yet keeping the flavour. D&D has always been the "silly cousin" next to other systems, but that's also why I love it (yeah, we all go around cramped dungeons with garlic, a mirror, a hammer and wooden stakes, 60ft of rope and a 10' wooden pole, and wizards can only use the dagger...).

I wonder if this will be the time the class-system gets completely ditched though (just to stay "darker and edgier" and sell more)

scottsz said...

I'd like to see better treatments of adventure content and rules that promote that and make it easier for DM's to create and notate their content (the whole 'stat block' thing needs to be scrapped).

WotC would do well to have a more refined third party support structure - something better than the OGL. They could create an online store system where everyone could sell and buy content for the proposed 'modular' approach.

I'd also like to see it be its own entity - not a 'fixed' Fourth Edition or a copy of Pathfinder.

Jay said...

Is that possible at this point? With the retro clones and other variations like the upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics, is there really anything else out there left to explore from a rules standpoint--and still be considered D&D?