Saturday, January 28, 2012

Zatannurday: Year One

I was not feeling so well last week and totally missed out on my one year anniversary of Zatannurday!  Though I guess this one year since it became a regular posting here at The Other Side.

So what can we say one year later?  Well we saw one Zatanna comic wrap-up (her self-titled series) and another come up (Justice League Dark).  Her TV portrayals were limited to cartoons (though she was mentioned in the last season of Smallville) with here Silver Age counterpart appearing in  "Batman The Brave in the Bold" and a younger version in "Young Justice".

My most popular post was the one on Adam Hughes,  but I think that is entirely due to the art on the page and image searches.

My most linked to post was the one where I mentioned she was going to be in Young Justice,

The most commented one was the posting of Christie Zulo art,
This was also the last posting I did for the A to Z challenge and the one that convinced me that the A to Z challenge was worth doing. The first post actually got more comments, but those were comments about the whole idea and less about post itself.

I am very pleased with how all these posts turned out.  Plus it has given me something to look forward to each week and give people something new on Saturdays, a day that had been pretty dead on the ole Other Side.

So here is to another year and plenty of magical Zatannurday posts!


Martin R. Thomas said...

Congrats on a year of Zatanna posts! I read this every Sasturday morning on my iPad - it's sort of like a reminder that the weekend is here. I seldom comment but I always read them.

I started to like Zatanna much later in my comic reading career - I think it was her appearance in "Identity Crisis" where Deathstroke (I think - it might have been someone else) was hired to take out a bunch of League heroes and he is talking to himself about how he needs to take out the strongest hero first, and he starts with Zatanna. It made me rethink about her as being a cool character.

Looking forward to another year of Zatannurday posts. Cheers!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Thanks so much! It is my sign the weekend is here too!