Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zatannurday: Special Guests White Witch and Scarlet Witch

It is expected that I would be a big fan of Marvel's Scarlet Witch, but surprisingly  I am not.  I mean after all there is the whole witch thing, but she just never quite grabbed me the same way Z or even Doctor Strange did.  Just an FYI Strange is still one of my favorite Marvel characters.

Though this cosplayer might make me change my mind.

In the Marvel-DC Amalgam Comics Zee and Scarlet Witch are merged into one character Wanda Zatara, The White Witch. She sounds like an interesting character, but I have not read the issues she has been in.  I guess her father was a combination of John Zatara (DC) and Doctor Druid (Marvel).

"Skulk" there is like the Hulk, except think John Constantine getting angry and becoming Solomon Grundy. Frankie Rayner is Jade, Kyle Raynor and Fire all in one.

Since this is an RPG blog, here is a link to her stats for the Marvel SAGA system,

Trouble is, in truth, the things that irritate me about Scarlet Witch will also happen to Zatanna; ie making her too powerful, then not powerful enough, never know what to do with her powers.  I feel that the latest round of authors, starting with Paul Dini, have made Zee better.  Scarlet Witch is just dead in the Ultimate Universe as far as I know.

Any way here are some pics of Zee and Scarlet Witch teaming up.

Edited to add:

Scarlet Witch / Zatanna team up over at the Brave and the Bold/Super Team Family.


Knightsky said...

Frankie Rayner is Jade, Kyle Raynor and Fire all in one.

Also, Frankie Raye, a.k.a. Nova, one-time Herald of Galactus (after all, you have to have both DC and Marvel characters in your Amalgam mash-ups.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Right. I am not as familiar with Marvel as I am with DC.

Gerall Kahla said...

I'm quite the fan of the Marvel Occult Mythos. Dr. Strange as Sorcerer Supreme, the Lovecraft-scented Outer Gods that he keeps sealed away, the perforce "lesser" heroes who step up and handle the more demure threats.

Just wish they could find a writer who could sustain a story for more than a single issue.

How strange that they combined Z and Wanda... First I've seen of this permutation. I'll agree very nice cosplay! Wuff!

Martin R. Thomas said...

Did you see this today over at old Brave and the Bold site?