Friday, January 6, 2012

Blogging A to Z?

Last year I proudly participated in the Blogging A to Z challenge in April.

I felt it was not only a good way to stretch my creative abilities but work on my writing and do a bit a cross blog-genre promotion.  My hits went up, and stayed up, drastically during and after April and I got my greatest surge of followers.

Well they are doing it again this year.

Though I am not sure I am going to do it this year yet or not.
Last year it worked out on many levels for me.  I recall thinking about the posts I had queued up and how they would fit the challenge.  When "Z" fell on a Saturday it clinched it for me.

Part of the purpose of the blogfest is to post every day.  I do that now anyway.

Keep in mind I am NOT saying participation is a bad idea, far from it in fact.
I actually suggest that we get MORE OSR/RPG bloggers participating to get our message out there.
The one thing we all talk about is getting more people involved in our hobby, we can't do that if the only people we talk to are already in our hobby.
Plus if you are selling a product you should participate just to more attention to you and your book.

If I do it this year then I need to do a theme or something, make it more challenging than last year.

Are you going to participate?  Why or why not?


Charlie Warren said...

I'm fairly new to the blog scene and I missed this last year. I have read some of the A-Z stuff done by others and thought it was a cool idea. I would like to participate this year but I am unsure of where to start. Do I try to survey my followers for ideas? Do I just start picking subjects until I get A-Z and start working on them? Any suggestions?

Charlie Warren said...

Disregard my earlier post - I found the answers I was looking for after following a link on the other site. Now that I know it's just the alphabet theme of the posts that is important to this challenge, I am in.

M.J. Fifield said...

I did the A to Z challenge last year. It was a lot of work but it was a lot of fun too so I'm definitely planning to sign up for a second year. Now all I need are some topics.

Kaiju said...

I already made some notes for a cult movie A to Z idea for this year, so I think I'll try it.

Arlee Bird said...

Great post Timothy (of course I'm a bit biased). Last year's participation by the gamer crowd was an unexpected surprise and a welcomed addition so I hope we get a return this year.

It's the word getting out by bloggers like you that will make the A to Z Challenge a big success.


Tossing It Out

The Jovial Priest said...

I'm in - did the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide last year.

I've been itching to do the Wilderness Survival Guide. Now's my chance!

'Hitting the Trail with the Wilderness Survival Guide

Amanda Heitler said...

Surely will be. Anything that forces me to concentrate is a good idea.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I think I Am going to participate. I just need to find something that works well for me.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I plan on doing a theme this year, too, something I didn't do last year. I hope you do participate and figure out what you want to do with it. Thanks for posting about it!

Knightsky said...

I might participate, not certain yet. My posting rate has been down over the last few months, so it might prove useful to have an extra incentive. Not certain what I would use as a framework for the posts this year.

Darth Luau said...

Cutting it close, but I'm going to sign up anyway. I seriously need a good focus.