Monday, January 9, 2012

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The worst kept secret in the RPG biz is now out.

Players Roll the Dice for Dungeons & Dragons Remake

I'll have some thoughts on this in a bit.  But I am interested in how they are going to get the player input.

Here is the press release from WotC.


Rhonin84 said...

“We want to take that idea of the players crafting that experience to the next level and say: ‘Help us craft the rules. Help us craft how this game is played.’ ” says Liz Schuh, brand director at Wizards of the Coast.

In other words we fracked it up and now before we alienate the rest of our fan base we are going to appeal to you our "fans" to help us fix our first mistake.

Hmmm....why would I want to do this? I have all my older editions and all I have seen WOTC/HASBRO put out is re-hashes of the older stuff that was done 25 years ago.

Raveloft was done in the early eighties and now you make a board game out of it!

Now I played 4th ed. for a long time and yes I enjoyed it until I realized that I had been dooped! This wasn't DnD it was a computer game in a two dimensional environment. I had hoped that Essentials would be a nice compromise and I will again say that I did enjoy the essentials but as I played/ran those games I kept I thinking back to the older editions and that is when I put myh 4th ed books into storage and broke out my 3.X books and Pathfinder...not long after I was playing Pathfinder and I find that it to be a superior product.

Good luck WOTC/ first piece of advice, enough of Mearls he tried selling us on 4th edition from the beginning and now when I see/hear him I automatically go into used car salesman mode...ignore.

Yong Kyosunim said...

I'll be sticking with Pathfinder too. Don't really care to switch, but I did sign up for their playtest. Doubt seriously I'll get an email or invite. I did that for 4e and never heard a peep from WotC.