Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ghosts of Albion: Print on Demand

Tim Knight over at "I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters" featured Ghosts of Albion on his Fleamarket Friday post.
BTW glad to see you back up Tim!

He pointed out something I have not seen yet.
Ghosts of Albion is also available as a Print on Demand book.

I will pick up a copy and see how it looks.
I'll keep you all posted.


Tim Knight said...

Thanks, Tim.

I was going to go POD first then I saw that a copy was available from a store I occasionally frequent (for a good price).

So I went with them. Next day delivery for free as well:

Tallgeese said...

I am very happy with the product content. I bought the game at The Source in the Twin Cities, MN. The covers of all the copies at the store had some degree of warping. That being said, I am otherwise happy I bought the game.

While the game isn't specifically steampunk, it should be of interest to those folks as well as anyone looking for an RPG amenable to many forms of occult/supernatural Vivtoriana.