Wednesday, December 6, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 12, Room 6

 Once the doors to this tomb are open, the party will see a hallway with many alcoves. When the party enters the hall, green slime begins to pour in.

Room 6

This slime looks like Green Slime and has many of the same properties, but this is Necrotic Slime. Instead of eating flesh, it eats "life."

Necrotic Slime

Armor Class: 10
Hit Dice: 12* (54 hp)
Attacks 1 × touch (consume life energy)
THAC0 8 [+11]
Movement 3’ (1’)
Saving Throws D6 W7 P8 B9 S10 (12)
Morale 12
Alignment Chaotic
XP 2,700
Number Appearing 1 (0)
Treasure Type None

The slimes can reach 5' with a pseudopod. If the Necrotic slime touches a character, it drains 1 level or 1 point of Con (GM's choice).  

They can be destroyed by fire and are immune to lightning attacks. 

There are four Necrotic Slimes here. 

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