Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Shrink Wrapped Orange Palace of the Silver Princess on eBay

 I have discussed my fondness for the Green cover B3 Palace of the Silver Princess. It is a fun adventure and great for newbie DMs. It came to me just as I needed it. For its ability to run and more lore to Glantri, and (for me) the ability to easily code it into a computer when I was trying to D&D on my little TRS-80 Color Computer. 

I like the adventure. A lot. But not this much.

B3 on eBay

Right now is it going for just a bit over $10k.  That is up $1000.00 from when I first saw it this morning.

The adventure is fun, no where near as good as the revised Green cover version. And it is certainly not with $10k except to a serious collector. 

Makes me wish I knew what dumpster they were dumped in at the time! I could pay my kids' college tuition with that. 

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Dick McGee said...

As you said, it's marketed for collectors and rightly so. Might not even be an unreasonable price to one of them - well, many of them, given that bidding is ongoing.

Impressive price though. The best I ever managed was turning a $20 bundle of Eon Games' Cosmic Encounters stuff (an unpunched core box and three or four of the first supplements, also unused and even unopened) into a bit over $700 after fees on ebay - and that was over 12 years ago. Good money for sure, but chump change compared to this.