Tuesday, December 5, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 12, Room 5

 The passageway has a slight (5 degrees), which can easily be detected by a dwarf, gnome, or other subterranean species can easily detect. At the end of the mile, the characters have descended an additional 460 feet.

All along this passageway, the characters will encounter the ghosts of the servants she killed to ensure they would protect her. There are also thousands of bats flying hidden in the darkness above. 

At the end of this passageway, there is a large set of double doors. These doors are decorated with many bats.

Room 5

The bats will speak once the characters approach. Their voices are high-pitched whispers, but there are so many that the volume is loud and seems to come from everywhere, echoing in the passageway. 

They ask, "What does the Queen desire?"

To open the doors, two characters must put their hands into the mouths of the only two bats with their mouths open.  Once they put their hands in, the bats will bite and draw blood. The characters will take 1d4 hp of damage.  This damage cannot be healed via magic, only through natural healing. If the characters leave this level then they can heal via magic, but not while here.

One they have their blood the doors open as thousands of bats fly out.

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