Sunday, December 24, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 12, Room 24

 The first chamber on the right is the Cenotaphs of the Vampire Queen's Council of Advisors.  Each is a stone monument erected for her council of 20 advisors.

Room 24

The Vampire Lords are as follows. Each stone has a brief description of the vampire lord or lady whose ashes are inside.

  1. Corvus Nox - A brooding lord wielding shadows like weapons.
  2. Amara Tenebris - A cunning duchess, weaving webs of intrigue in moonlit courts.
  3. Zale Moondragon - A tempestuous warrior, leading their coven with fiery passion.
  4. Silas Ember - A melancholic scholar, haunted by memories of their mortal life.
  5. Seraphina Thorne - A seductive siren, luring prey into an alluring abyss.
  6. Lyander Blackwood - A stoic sentinel, guarding ancient secrets amidst crumbling ruins.
  7. Esme Wysteria - A whimsical trickster, dancing on the edge of chaos with laughter.
  8. Cassius Vervain - A noble alchemist, seeking an elixir to gain true immortality.
  9. Luna Sanguis - A fierce huntress, stalking the night with unerring instincts.
  10. Erebus Umbra - A cryptic oracle, whispering prophecies in forgotten tongues.
  11. Isolde Morraine - A vengeful spirit, driven by an undying thirst for retribution against the gods of light.
  12. Lucian Fane - A charming storyteller, weaving illusions with silken words.
  13. Nyn Obsidian - A master of shadows, vanishing like smoke on the wind.
  14. Aurora Vesper - A radiant anomaly, defying the darkness with a defiant glow.
  15. Darius Argent - A skilled strategist, playing pawns in a grand, blood-soaked game.
  16. Lillian Crimson - A fiery rebel, sparking revolutions against oppressive elders.
  17. Caspian Hawthorne - A gentle healer, offering solace in the heart of darkness.
  18. Amara Whisperer - A silent assassin, leaving only whispers of their victims.
  19. Zephyr Dusk - A fleet-footed scout, mapping forgotten paths across forgotten lands.
  20. Thanatos Requiem - A harbinger of death, wielding a chilling scythe and a bone-chilling smile.

The Cenotaphs are hollow with an earn inside containing the ashes of these vampire lords and ladies. If any are mixed with living blood the vampire lord will return to unlife. They 8+1d6 HD.

Here the PCs will find Treasure Types Ax10, Hx4 & Mx2 stored here.


Dick McGee said...

Good grief. It's like reading the sign-in list at a World of Darkness LARP in the late 90s. Virtually certain I knew someone who called herself Nyx Obsidian back in those days, and Thanatos Requiem sounds familiar too. :)

Timothy S. Brannan said...

That was 100% the vibe I was going for!