Friday, December 22, 2023

Kickstart Your Weekend: Periodic Table of Elementals, by Catilus

 How about something to lighten the mood around here.

This was shared by a friend. I had seen it on my feed, but he reminded me that it would be good for today.

Periodic Table of Elementals, by Catilus

Periodic Table of Elementals, by Catilus

Catilus is giving us something that honestly we should have all figured out decades ago. But here we get her fantastic art and 5e monsters.

Catilus has been putting out some high-quality and fun 5e books for a while now, and I expect this one will be her best yet.

From her project page:

Periodic Table of Elementals is my third book on Kickstarter and (by far) my largest book to date. It features unique elemental creatures inspired by every actual chemical element, with lore and abilities based on each element’s chemical properties!

What’s in the Periodic Table of Elementals?

    • 118 fully illustrated unique elementals representing ALL chemical elements
    • Abilities and mechanics based on real chemistry
    • Familiars, steeds, and gargantuan summonable elementals
    • Science-inspired lore for each elemental
    • An actual, fully usable periodic table with all the elementals from the book
    • Adventure hooks, optional rules, tables, synergies, and more tools
    • More than 120 detailed illustrations, including art for each elemental, by me!


Sounds fantastic really.  I am not really into D&D 5e these days, but my issues are with WotC/Hasbro not with independent creatives like Catilus. There will be plenty to convert over to other systems should you want.

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