Wednesday, October 18, 2023

October Horror Movie Challenge: We Have a Ghost (2023)

We Have a Ghost (2023)
 Today's theme is Clown. Gods, I fucking hate clowns. I really do.

So today I am going really broad with this one and going with "Clowing around" and the movie is "We Have a Ghost" from 2023. It stars David Harbour (from Stranger Things) as "Ernest," a ghost that has been haunting a house in Chicago for 50 years.  The Presleys move in and son Kevin (Jahi Winston) is less than thrilled.  That is until he films Ernest on his cell phone.  The video is discovered by his brother Fulton (Niles Fitch) and father Frank (Anthony Mackie). They upload it to YouTube and go viral.

Now Ernest is the most popular ghost in the world. But since he can't talk it is up to Kevin to find out who he really is.

Also wanting answers is former CIA agent turned horror writer Dr. Leslie Monroe, played by the always fantastic Tig Notaro. I want to praise this cast here. Tig is always great, so my expectations of her are high, and she meets them here. Though she is not as sarcastic here as she is in real life or as when she is playing Denise "Jett" Reno on Star Trek: Discovery. Anthony Mackie is great. I have seen him do action (Marvel) and sci-fi (Altered Carbon), to see him do comedy is really fun. But the stand out is David Harbour as the ghost Ernest/Randy. He has the most physical humor and NO lines. He has to express everything with just his face and he does a great job of it. It is practically mime to be honest. Thus my Clown connection.

The movie itself is not great. BUT it is fun and a good little ghost story.

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Dick McGee said...

I don't know, some clowns are pretty cool.

PT Dilloway said...

If I had Netflix I might watch that. Since it's almost the holiday season, you can watch Mackie do comedy in "The Night Before" with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Leavitt. I still haven't watched Harbour as Santa in "Violent Night" since by the time it got on streaming it was like March and who wants to watch a Christmas movie in March? Unless it's a "Christmas movie" like Die Hard. [eye roll]

Anyway, as far as clowns go besides It--the 90s miniseries not the feature movies from a few years ago--the only one I've really watched is Killer Klowns from Outer Space, which as you'd imagine is pretty silly.