Monday, October 16, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 10, Room 16

 This crypt on the right has an open door.

Room 16

Entering this room everyone in the party will need to make saving throws vs. magic.  Any that fail can't enter the room at all. No amount of compelling will allow them in. Those who make the save can enter the room, but they take 1d8 points of damage if they enter the room.

In this room is a mirror, it is the source of the fear and damage. 

The mirror has captured the dying essences of many of the dwarven killed here by the Vampire Queen and her minions. 

The mirror is worth 4,000 GP, but 40,000 GP to a collector or a necromancer. To get it out though the party will need to put it in a lead or Necromium (explained later) box or a bag of holding.

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