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#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 10, Room 22

 This tomb is a bit different than the others. The plaque on the door claims this is the tomb of Sharis Val, son of Ferner Morgenstjernen.

Room 22

Inside the tomb is largely unadorned. 

The sarcophagus for Sharis Val is larger than the previous ones. Opening it, the party can see why. Sharis Val is not a Dwarf, but rather a Dark Elf.

In is hand he holds the head of a morningstar.  

If a Chaotic (any Evil) character touches it they must Save vs. Spells or take 6d6 hp electrical damage. Save for half.

If a Neutral character touches it they take 2d6 points of damage, save vs. Spells for half.

If a Lawful (Lawful Good) character touches it an illusion of Sharis Val appears. He is tall dark elf. He has a damaged leg that causes him to lean to one side. It appears to be some sort of birth defect.

He explains to the adventurers who he is. He was born to a Drow matron, but his deformity caused his mother shame. She tried to hide it and instead was merciless to him, making sure that whatever he lacked in physicality he would make up for in intelligence. But it was never enough and he was cast out to die. He was discovered by Ferner Morgenstjernen a high priest of the Forge Father. Ferner took him in and together they discovered the secret of Necromium. 

He will continue and tell them they had just survived the second attack by the Vampire Queen and know she will strike again. To that end they have forged a new weapon of Necromium in the style of their house emblem. If the party is seeing this illusion it means the dwarves did not stop the Vampire Queen, but they now can. Combine the two pieces, if Ferner has finished the shaft, and they will bond to make a weapon capable of destroying the Vampire Queen once and for all.  The illusion fades. There is no other treasure here.

The Black Morningstar is a +3 weapon, +4 vs Undead, and +5 vs Vampires. When near undead it has a black fire aura that does an additional 1d8 to undead and 2d8 to vampires.  When encountering the Vampire Queen herself this aura is increased to 2d12.  Only a cleric of a Lawful (Good) god can wield it for the added aura.

GMs Note: If no member of the party is a Lawful Cleric then decide who is the most worthy to wield it. 

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