Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April TTRPG Maker, Days 1-3

I have to admit I miss participating in the April A to Z blog marathon. 
Not the work, of course, it is a lot of work, but the feeling of participation and focus it brings to post something every day on a particular topic and theme.
Plus I feel that when I do it I am ignoring my primary audience in favor of another audience that time has shown don't stick around. 

There is however a new April social media that is more RPG focused, so I thought what the hell, let's give it a try. It is focused on RPG "makers" (I prefer the word "creator" myself, or "author")

It is called #AprilTTRPGMaker and it is mostly on Twitter, but open to all social media platforms.  With the demise of G+ I feel the need to branch out more.

Here are the topics for the month.  Unlike the A to Z's 26 posts, this one has 30 for every day.

Since today is April 3, I'll do the first three here.

1. Introduce Yourself
Hello, my name is Tim Brannan and I write RPGs.  I have been playing RPGs now for nearly 40 years (started in 1979) and writing my own material nearly as long.  I am most famous for the Ghosts of Albion RPG for Eden Studios and my various books for the Witch class for all sorts of variations of the D&D game.  I worked on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, did some minor work for the Doctor Who Adventures in Time Space, Angel and Army of Darkness.  Did some other work for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten line at Eden and playtested a few score other RPGs over the last 20 years.  I also have some work coming out Gaslight and Blue Rose.

2. Describe Your Work
I consider myself very, very fortunate. I can write the kinds of books I want to play and use.  So my primary focus is typically, "what do I think is fun?" and then I make it.  I mostly like to write about magic and horror themes. If it has a witch or a vampire in it, chances are good I have tried it.  If a game doesn't have a witch in it chances are also good I tried to fit one in somehow. ;)

3. Key to Your Making Process
Like I mentioned above I usually start with "What do I think is fun?" and go from there.  I also look for what others would enjoy in my game material.  I do try to make things that people will use and enjoy.  I also work from the philosophy of once it leaves my mind and hands and it is in yours it is no longer just "my" game. It is what others make of it.  So I love hearing about what others do with my materials even if, or especially if, it is not something I would have done on my own.

I am going to try and not let this interfere with my normal posting. I still have things I want to talk about this month other than just what is above.

Participate if you like or just post your responses below.  Yes, please link to your creations! My dad always says no one will toot your horn for you.  So use my venue to talk about YOUR creations as well.


JB said...

Huh. I still feel I'm writing for my "primary audience" (as much as I really have one)...those other A-Z bloggers who might pop in aren't usually much more than well wishers, really.

But I agree it's a lot of extra work.

Venger Satanis said...

Colonialism, intersectional, identity? Yikes, was this challenge created by an extra-woke millennial SJW?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@JB, yeah I just felt I wasn't being true to my readers all the time by doing it.

@Venger, different people like different things. I was also wondering what sort of questions I would ask if I had created one of these.

Venger Satanis said...

I think you should. These particular questions don't seem to be in your voice.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Intersectionality is actually pretty old. I remember studying it in grad school when "the Millennials" were still trying to get a shiny Charizard Pokemon card. It was even a thing back with John Dewey in the 1930s, although it wasn't called that till the early 90s.

IF, and that's a big IF, I did one it would have to be in June. I would want something not asked already 1000 times. That's why I like this one, these are all new questions and give me a different way of thinking about what I write and do.

Venger Satanis said...

Hmm, didn't know that. FYI, RPG Pundit just did a video on this particular 30 day challenge.