Saturday, August 29, 2015

Zatannurday: Spider-Gwen and Batgirl

I have mentioned earlier this summer about my love for Spider-Gwen and more times than I care to think about about my love for Batgirl.

Well here they are together.  Personally I would like to think that super-smart Barbara and super-smart Gwen Stacy would be BFFs, if in a sort of rival-ly way.   So here they are together.


WQRobb said...

I like the "on the top of the ledge/on the bottom of the ledge" one best. Batgirl w/selfie feels almost trite to me at this point (actually, I feel that way about all superheroine-taking-selfie drawings)

Bubbashelby said...

Of all the 90s hack stuff they've regurgitated recently, the Marvel vs. DC event is one I'd actually pay to see happen again! Maybe even another Amalgam universe too. Maybe.