Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Night Videos: Happy Birthday Paul Dini and Larry Elmore!

Today is the birthday of writer and producer Paul Dini!

If you spend anytime here at the Other Side you know I am a fan of Paul's work going all the way back to his days on "Masters of the Universe".

This week also saw the birthday of TSR Uber-artist Larry Elmore.  The man has made a career on drawing dark haired witchy women. He even talks about it here; "I've sort of been plagued with the image of a dark-haired, woodsy kind of woman - a witchy woman. She's always been on my mind, starting when I was about 22 or something. That's why I do a lot of witchy looking women"

So to celebrate the birthdays of the only people I know who likes magic girls and witches more than me.

We learn in Power Girl #23 that Zatanna's ring tone is "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by the Police.  Quite appropriate I think. Especially since the very first Zatanna I ever did was titled "Zatanna, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic".  This is one of my favorite songs from Ghost in the Machine.

Steve Miller's "Abracadbra" is one of those songs that remind me of witches in general, but Zee in particular. I can't help but think that this song plays when Paul is writing or Larry is painting.

Zatanna meet Santana.   No relation.  But I am sure "Black Magic Woman" is not directed at you.  Interesting note, this song was actually an early Fleetwood Mac song.  This song appears on Santana's album Abraxas; the demon of magic and where we get the word Abrabcadbra.

Speaking of Witchy Women, no one describes them better than The Eagles.  Raven hair, Ruby lips. Sparks fly from her finger tips?  Yeah. That's my girl. Or Paul's. Or Larry's.

America is like the least Goth band on the planet.  Maybe only the Beach Boys are less dark.
But I love "You Can Do Magic".  Yet another song about a witchy woman.

No one really remembers Classic IV, but I do and their "Spooky".  Love a spooky girl..

Paul Dinin is not just known for his magic girls. In fact his biggest contribution to DC comics might be Harley Quinn. I could go on about her, but here is a video featuring Arleen Sorkin, the voice of Harley and the genesis of Harley Quinn.

Happy Birthday gentlemen!!


Dr. Theda said...

Dini (in his youth) had a letter (Comment) published Joker issue # 3...
... Cool comment about allowing the Joker to run free in his insane 'killing-spree" across the country...

Dr. Theda said...

cool Harley Quinn info....