Saturday, June 6, 2015

Zatannurday: Spider-Gwen

I have a confession.   I love Spider-Gwen.

I have not read a Marvel Comic in years, decades even.  When I was reading it my favorite was Spider-Man.  Spider-Man was really only 2nd to Batman in my mind.
So I have REALLY been enjoying the new take on the Spider-Man story in the form of Spider-Gwen.

So here is some Spider-Gwen (I know properly "Spider-Woman") art.

Spider-Gwen Portrait by Protokitty on DeviantArt

Spidey-Gwen by Forty-Fathoms on DeviantArt

Spider Gwen by diabolumberto on DeviantArt

I miss you Spider... by Jonny5Alves on DeviantArt

Spider-Gwen by dwaynebiddixart on DeviantArt

Spider Gwen by UltimateTattts on DeviantArt

Spider-Gwen by Harpokrates on DeviantArt

Spider Gwen by J-Skipper on DeviantArt

Spider girl Gwen Stacy by Daikokun on DeviantArt

Cosplay Spider Gwen VII by ReaverSkill on DeviantArt

Spider Gwen cosplay III by ReaverSkill on DeviantArt

Spider Gwen by phamoz on DeviantArt

Spider-Gwen by MirkAnd89 on DeviantArt

Spider-Women by edCOM02 on DeviantArt

Spider Gwen by J.Scott Campbell by tony058 on DeviantArt

New Spidewoman Original by Artgerm on DeviantArt

And this one.  This is what sold me that this was going to be awesome.

They were not made into a love interest for each other despite their past. Maybe because of it.

Now I understand that she is being added to the "core" Marvel-verse.  That's pretty cool.


Rhonin84 said...

Started reading about her a few weeks ago and I have to agree with you, I enjoy the way she is being depicted!

AJ Lauer said...

You know.. For me one of the most improbable parts of any comic book is the female characters' clothing. How DO they get it to stay on? I guess this character has a hoodie with the black parts 'covering' her breasts? But then how do they get such cleavage definition with a hoodie? I wear hoodies when I DON'T want cleavage! Just sayin'...
She does look cool though :)

Visiting folks who liked my A-Z theme to let you know my pick your plot book, Armageddon, is on sale for $0.99 through Monday :)
Hope you are doing well!

Arlee Bird said...

I haven't read any comics since the 1960's. Well other than the Zapp comics I used to read at my friends' houses in the '70's--Furry Freak Brothers, ,Mr. Natural, and stuff like that.

The Marvel artwork looks a lot more hip now.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Wrote By Rote

Rachel Ghoul said...

I remember when the idea of Spider-Gwen was first floated around /co/ as an AU for the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series. She's come so far and I gotta say, not many characters have excited me as much.