Sunday, August 16, 2015

RPG a Day 2015, Day 16

Day 16: Longest Game Session Played

Back in college I went over to my High School DM's house.  He had come down to college where I was because I had talked the place up so much.

We co ran a Ravenloft game, "Dreams of Ravenloft" where basically one of us ran I6 and the other I10.  Anytime the characters fell asleep they would wake up in the other reality.  Not know which one was real or not.

I went over on a Friday afternoon and we played straight to Sunday night.  This was back before cell phones so my roommates had no idea where I was.  So it was only about 56 hours, but it was 56 continuous hours, minus some time for naps.

Can't do that anymore.

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