Monday, July 14, 2014

The Other Side Nominated for an ENnie Award!

The Other Side has been nominated for "Best Blog" at this year's ENnie Awards!

I have to say I am quite excited  by this and even a little humbled.
I am not the biggest blog on the list of nominees. Nor even am I the best looking.  But I post what I like to post and it seems to click because people keep coming back.

I have some pretty serious competition, to be honest.  Gnome Stew is a blog I vote for every year (but NOT this year!) and has been one of my favorite reads for a while.  But I like to think I offer something a little unique, a little different, and a whole lot of entertaining.  So I hope you will consider me when voting begins next week.

To my fellow nominees, I am looking forward to being at Gen Con this year and wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the nomination, Tim!

ravencrowking said...

Congratulations and good luck!

You deserve it!

Gothridge Manor said...

Huge congrats Tim! Win one for us Tims so I can live vicariously through your achievements.

Anthony Simeone said...

Congrats and bon chance!