Friday, July 11, 2014

30 Years Later The White Queen's Revenge

Got my copy of Gygax #4 in the mail the other day. Most striking of course is the cover by Den Beauvais.
Den contributed to some of the best covers for Dragon including the series of Chess themed covers that this is the fifth part of.



While exciting and full of great geek-fueled nostalgia, I fear that Gygax Magazine runs the risk of been only compared to early to mid 80s Dragon.

Sure. I enjoyed Dragon then. I still like picking up issues for then and rereading them looking for something I missed the first time.   While Gygax is new and covers new games it hasn't really done anything to pull it away from it's roots.

And maybe that is fine.  I enjoy Gygax Mag for the same reasons I enjoyed Dragon back in the day.
I think though now with the first four quarterly issues out it is a good time for Gygax to find it's own voice. Do something extra to make this their own.

Gygax Magazine #1
Gygax Magazine #2
Gygax Magazine #3
Gygax Magazine #4


christian said...

Love that cover!

Derek said...

My favorite set of Dragon covers ever. I took them off after the last one came out, made a 4 panel frame in shop class to display the four.

Wish I still had it.