Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yog The Monster from Space

It's 1975.  I am sitting down to a night of hopefully watching a monster movie on KPLR-TV out of St. Louis. Our baby-sitter for me and my younger sister is my older sister Terri and my older brother Pat*.  (It could have been my other older brother Mike.)

Anyway this movie had been advertised all week and I wanted to see it.  I was already watching Dark Shadows at this point and had seen a Godzilla movie.  Saturday came around and I got to watch a little bit of it; till my older sibs turned it off.  I remembered bits and pieces of it for years, but never knew the title.

A couple years back I asked people on Facebook.  All I could really remember was a giant octopus/squid, tentacles that reached out an grabbed people, and it all took place on an island in the South Pacific.  No luck.  I tried searching in back issues of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. No luck. The biggest problem was I didn't remember enough of the movie to give people enough clues to work on.

Well thanks to my friend Dr. Theda at his eponymous Crypt I was able to piece the last bits of it all together.

The movie that has been bugging me for nearly 40 years is "Yog Monster From Space"!

I bought from a less than reputable website which I have to admit I feel a little bad about.

I got it in the mail last night and popped it in to make sure it worked. It did. It is the movie I remembered. The music and the sound effects were the clincher. The DVD looks like a VHS transfer (complete with "tracking" issues!). The cover was run off on someone's ink jet.

But sure enough this was the movie in question.

Yeah. I paid real money for this.

The way I see it I now have piece of mind. I know what the movie was and now I can finish watching it.
I am like Odysseus at the gates of Ithaca. My long search is over.

So of course what do I actually do last night?  Stayed up and watched Pacific Rim again!

Now I need to add more Kaiju to my games.


Justin S. Davis said...

My "grail" movie was War Of The Gargantuas.

I saw the first half about a half-dozen times as a kid on The Three-O-Clock Movie, but always missed the ending due to piano lessons, YMCA, or other nonsense. And even after we got a VCR, something always conspired to keep me from taping it.

When it finally came out on VHS, it was glorious! And the DVD release was even better.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I loved War of the Gargantuans. One of my favorite Kailua movies.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Kaiju. Stupid auto correct.

Roger G-S said...

Is that a repurposed oven mitt?

And if so, WHAT CYCLOPEAN HAND looms inside?

Dr. Theda said...

Thanks for the mention...
and glad that we were able to help good Sir...

C.D. Gallant-King said...

It's the price you pay to capture that little piece of your childhood. Isn't it worth it?

General Tangent said...

Seeing as I enjoyed watching "Manos Hands of Fate" this certainly looks like an "interesting" film.

I wonder if I can get it in the UK?

General Tangent said...
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