Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Basic Witch Spells

A couple of new spells I have been working on for the witch. Designed to be used with The Witch for Basic Era Games but it can certainly be used by other classes such as the Necromancer or Vivimancer.

All spells and names are considered 100% Open in terms of the Open Gaming Licence.

Blood Augury
Level: Vivimancer 1, Witch 1
Range: Caster
Duration: One Question
This spell is a very limited augury where the caster can ask one question and watch how the blood reacts. If the witch uses her own blood the question must be about herself or someone close to her, if it is the blood of another then it can only be about that person.
The question must very specific; “which door should I take?”, “what is the safest way home?” Given the nature of the blood magic the question is usually related to life, death or mortality. The answer is entirely up to the game master.
Note: If a witch or vivimancer uses the blood of a pregnant woman then the answers will always be vague since it involves two lives. The one exception is if the witch asks the gender of the unborn babe.  This will always produce a correct answer.
Material Components: A pewter plate and a drop of blood.

Feel My Pain
Level: Necromancer 1, Vivimancer 1, Witch 1
Range: 50’
Duration: Instantaneous
The witch transfers pain and damage to another target in line of site.  She invokes the spell and either cuts herself or causes damage in some way, such as putting her hand in a torch fire.  She take 1 hp of damage (regardless of how much would have been dealt) and she turns and magnifies that on her target causing 1d6 points of damage.
Material Components: The material components for this spell are the witch's boline or dagger or what ever she uses to cause herself pain.

Share My Pain
Level: Necromancer 2, Vivimancer 2, Witch 2
Range: 25’
Duration: Instantaneous
With this spell the witch can turn damage caused to herself to another.  The witch can cast this spell after any attack that causes her damage and return the same damage to her attacker. Only the one that attacked and damaged the witch can be effected.
Material Components: The witch must have been damaged for at least 1 hp of damage.

Stay Death's Hand
Level: Necromancer 1, Vivimancer 1, Witch 1
Range: 1 Target touched
Duration: 1 round/level
By casting this spell the caster will cause one target touched to stop loosing hit points if they have reached 0 or less.  For the duration of this spell the recipient will not die from their wounds.  This spell does not prevent the target from taking additional damage, say from fire or additional attacks. Nor does this heal damage.
Material Components: A touch and a soothing word.

Level: Cleric 1, Witch 1
Range: 1 Target touched
Duration: 1 round/level
This spell allows the caster to temporary increase the Constitution score, with associated hit points, of a single touched creature.  The witch herself will take a temporary loss of 1 point of Constitution and 1d4 hp.
The increase is 2d4 (2-8) and lasts a number of rounds equal to the witch's level.  Hit points lost will be from these temporary hit points first.  When the spell is complete the witch's Constitution returns to its original value but the hit points are lost till healed.
Material Components: The life essence given up by the witch.

Witch's Cradle
Level: Witch 4
Range: One target in line of sight
Duration: 1 round/level
With this spell the witch can cause one target in visual range to have all their senses completely blocked. They cannot hear, speak, feel, smell or see anything for the duration of the spell. If the witch ends the spell, becomes unconscious or is killed then the spell automatically ends.
The spell is similar, but superior to, the Hold Person spell."
Material Components: A bit of string or cord the witch wraps around the fingers of her off-hand.

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