Friday, May 30, 2014

Kickstart Your Weekend

I have some great Kickstarters to share with you this Friday.

First up is the Castles & Crusades full color Kickstarter.
Castles & Crusades was Old-School before there was an OSR.  The game is the simplicity of Basic D&D, the fun of AD&D and the flexibility and modern design of 3e.  Best of all worlds really.
OSRIC may be more compatible with AD&D, but C&C is closer to the spirit of the game.

The Witches
Tonight we get "Sleeping Beauty" through the eyes of Maleficent.  The Witches is a turn on Macbeth, with the eponymous king in Hell being tortured by the same three witches he went to visit.
Something wicked this way comes indeed.

The Holmes of the Baskervilles & The London Vampire Girls!
A very different take on Holmes and the murders at Whitechapel. I like because it sounds like a wild alt-History Gothic Victorian romp.  Plus I was pleased with his last effort, The Victorian Academy of Magick.

Strange Brew (Pathfinder/C&C): The Ultimate Witch & Warlock
Of course I have to mention my own.  We are down to the last week and half now and we are so close.
So please consider funding us, there is a lot of great material here.

So every dollar helps.In the case of Strange Brew it is to pay for art.

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redbeard said...

C&C has been my go-to RPG for a number of years, but I would disagree that it's closer in spirit to AD&D than OSRIC. C&C lacks reaction rolls and morale rules. With wisdom checks as a surprise mechanic, a DM needs to steal from other old school games for C&C to really have an old school feel.