Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock

The Kickstarter for Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock is back on.


From the KS text:

A 256-page, full-color hardback Pathfinder book on witches and warlocks, featuring spells, ritual magic, patrons, covens, familiars, an

Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock contains everything you need to play every kind of witch, warlock, or pythoness you can imagine, detailing an expansive list of new options for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In this fantastic new tome you'll find...

  • new alternate classes for the occult
  • the warlock base class
  • several traditions
  • innovative uses for skills
  • new feats
  • hexes and powers
  • dozens of new prestige classes
  • class archetypes
  • familiars and patrons
  • multi-class paths
  • hundreds of spells
  • ritual magic
  • and more—no two witches need ever be the same again!

Make your witch much more than a distaff wizard with Strange Brew: The Ultimate Witch & Warlock!

So what makes this different from The Witch or Eldritch Witchery? Plenty!

I have taken the d20 witch classes and picked the best of the best OGC. I have also included my original d20 witch refined over 13 years of play. Added to this all is the Pathfinder witch and a brand new Warlock class.

We dropped the page count, made the book full color and dropped our funding goal.
I want to do for witches what Deep Magic and Ultimate Psionics did for wizards and psychics respectively.

If you have liked the work I have done it the past then you will love this.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good luck, Tim! You must have a blast creating these.
Interested in doing a guest post? Maybe at the IWSG site?

Alatar said...

I just stumbled upon this site and I must say, it's fantastic! I love witches, both real and fictional, and Pathfinder is my favorite system to play.
Is there any way to purchase a PDF of this book? I googled a bunch of sites, but had no luck finding a buyable PDF.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

They are in a bunch of separate books.
You can find them all here: Strange Brew Books