Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Strange Brew. Take 2?

So we have pulled the plug on Strange Brew.

Here is the official word from the publisher:

HI, all:

Thank you for your support on this project, but we are not making the needed traction to make this kickstarter a go. Therefore, I am closing the funding down on this and taking some time to reconsider how we can better interest the market on this project--which I still strongly believe in. We aren't giving up, just regrouping.

Meanwhile, three of my friends are producing some interesting kickstarter projects that you may be interested in:

Naomi Tripi has the family Flip Flash card game going--art is going to be by Stan!

Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games has AMP, a game of modern supers, going strong.

Hal Greenberg has the Fall of Man, postapocalyptic game ending soon. They've put up some very nice artwork and an interesting video. I've been asked to edit the final book.

Stay tuned for more information on Strange Brew. Thanks again.

Christina Stiles

We have been talk within our group and we felt that we could do better with more art, a video and some other levels.  Plus revamping the project too in an effort to bring it to you all cheaper.

Yeah, I am disappointed, but the reasons are all sound.

I will be working on it and hopefully be getting you something great here soon.

If you can, throw in your support for Naomi Tripi's Kickstarter or Fall of Man.

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Dyvers said...

I'm sorry man, that sucks. :(