Wednesday, February 12, 2014

D&D40 Bloghop: Day 12

Day 12: First store where you bought your gaming supplies. Does it still exist?

I actually devoted an entire post or two a while back to this.

My first game store was Waldenbooks in the Mall over in Springfield. Later Belobrajdic's Book Store closer to home also carried D&D books.

All these places have closed.

When I was in college I was privileged to be around when Castle Perilous first opened their doors.  Bought most of my Ravenloft stuff there.   Now I spend most of my time at Games Plus.

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Stelios V. Perdios said...

I started off at Waldenbooks, too--I wonder how many other gamers had only the book store in the mall to rely on?

Games Plus is a great store. But since I lived in Iowa, it was just too far away. But after I friend of mine took me to it while on a trip to Chicago in the mid-2000s, I'd make an annual "pilgrimage" there--often while coming back from the Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo.