Friday, February 1, 2013

Codex Celtarum

The Castles & Crusades Codex Celtarum only has a little bit more to go.

It made it's funding now it is all about those stretch goals.

Again, I am sorta torn by this one.  First is looks awesome. I know Troll Lords will do a great job on this.
But it sorta kills my own Celtic book.   I am not sad, but I was looking forward to writing it and putting my own spin on it all.

Anyway. I am getting this one and I hope to run a Celtic based C&C game with it one day.

The cool thing is I have spent some time talking to the author, Brian Young and one of the artists, so I am actually very, very excited about it.
Plus all those new spells and Celtic magic?  Honestly, how can I say no?

I just upped my own pledge to take advantage of all the stretch goals.

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Brian N. Young said...

Still do your Celtic book, the gaming scene needs more to build up a good collection. I was a gamer before I was a Celtic scholar, it was working on this project that turned me into one in the process and made it my expertise.