Monday, February 4, 2013

Ugh...Here We Go Again.

Just when I was beginning to forget about Jim Shipman we get another one.

This time I am not going to post any of this guy's "art" since he is sending out DMCA notices to all sites doing this.  Effectively silencing all his critics.

Who is this guy?  Mykal Lakim of Dark Phoenix Publishing.
What is the charge?  Stealing art is the big one, but he is also accused of blatantly ripping of White Wolf's games.

First the art.
Steven Trustrum of Misfit Studios has been collecting all of these.
You can see all the art and the comparisons on his Plus page.
The amount is not Shipman staggering, but still very damning. Of course the balls this guy has claiming his stuff is original is just as staggering.

If it were only one person making this claim that's one thing.  But this is Matt McElroy and he is not prone to this sort of thing.  More to the point he is a professional and would not make claims like this lightly.
Also he is not the only one.

Secondly is the content of his books.
Matt McElroy also covers some of that in his link, but your best bet is read the forum threads.
A review,
Discussion on the review,
and finally a discussion on the books and art that got Lakim permabanned,!

Now keep in mind that I have seen dozens of D&D-clones in the last few years.  Some are built on the SRD others are rip offs.  This seems to be a different sort.

You be the judge and report back here if you see it or see it differently.

Edited to add:  I added Steve's link instead of Matt's.


Rivetgeek said...

Just a's Steve Trustrum, not Matt McElroy, who has been collecting up the images. Just trying to keep things straight because Matt just barely weighed in on this when the Campbell swipe came to light, and since then a DPP sock/shill has been crying about conspiracies and slander and theft.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Wil, thanks for that!

I corrected the post to reflect that.