Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Mykal Lakim

So there is more going on in the saga of Mykal Lakim.  I am probably giving this guy more attention than he deserves to be honest.  I am also aware that by doing so I going to inevitably send someone to his site that sees his stuff and buys it.  If so then I just ask that you come back here to let me know what you honestly think of it.  If you hate, tell me why, if you love it, also tell me why.

Wil Hutton over at Aggregate Cognizance has also been following this drama and has a number of posts on it.

There is also this thread over at White Wolf talking about it.

The new claim (new to me) is that Lakim is now saying that White Wolf ripped him off.
No. Really.

Wil Hutton has also been doing some digging into his posts over at Wikipedia.
In particular all the pages he created for his own games and their near immediate deletion.  That's not the issue really, RPGs get deleted all the time from Wikipedia.  It's the drama he brings after the fact. (love the "P.S. White Wolf blows),_Inc.

And this rant on users' pages:, i love how all his "fans" will be boycotting Wikipedia.

Why bring all this up?
Well obviously this guy has some stones on him if he thinks he an stand up to White Wolf or that Wikipedia cares about his temper-tantrum.

I think the only reason that WW has not sued the guy is because he is too small for them to have noticed yet.


Highland Miss said...

You know, I originally saw an advertisement for his product, checked out his site and decided that I'd already purchased enough White Wolf material. It's nice to see my instinctive assessment was somewhat accurate.

Stelios V. Perdios said...

Aw... he got rid of his "Hater of the Week" page.

Rivetgeek said...

His sock monkey Mark Smith is the one slinging around the accusations, but it might as well be Mykal as you showed from the Wiki logs. He also implicated a WW employee of stealing his ideas in a sockpuppet interview on a FB page. I need to put together a "Mykal's greatest hits" but he seems to have kind of dried up.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Highland MIss. -snerk- Yeah but at least the WW stuff is good.

+Stelios Perdios. I didn't even know he had that. I missed my chance.

+Wil Hutton. Thanks for all your work on this. I am very obviously standing on your shoulders here. A greatest hits would be funny.