Tuesday, February 5, 2013

D&D Expert Book at DnDClassics.com

The D&D Expert book along with some other new products from WotC are now up on DnDClassics.com.

This is the one that fired so much imagination in me more than 30 years ago.

D&D Expert Book

This was the 1981 followup to the D&D Basic set.  Designed for the Moldvay Basic there was even a little bit about what to do if you had the Holmes Basic.

This expanded the game to level 14 and for most of us it was all we needed for a very long time.
I loved the introduction of all the new undead like Vampires and Spectres (was a big horror fan even then) and that little map of the Known World.  I starred at that map for hours, learning lands and names of places far off and never were.
Plus all the new spells!  The options of spells for my cleric and magic-users were beyond my 11-year old brain's reckoning at the time.

At 5 bucks this is a criminal steal.   I wore my old copy of my expert book out, now I have a PDF to go back too anytime I like.  Combine it with the Basic book and some adventures and you are set.  Everything you need to play D&D just like the good old days.  No skills, no feats, no attacks of opportunity, but plenty of flexibility and action.

I love newer games, but this is the one.  The one that keeps me coming back. Back to the Keep, back to Glantri and back to D&D.

And if you want to add Witches to your Basic/Expert game I high recommend my own Witch book.

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