Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zatannurday: Tempting Fate

I have talked about Dr. Fate here before in relationship to Zatanna.

Over at the Tower of Fate there are some new Zatanna/Fate "crossover" images and posts.

DC Dark Characters

DC Mystic Cosplay
More images are here:

Dr. Fate Art featuring Zatanna
With more images here:

Despite their similar powers I have not found too many stories that feature them both.
There is the Young Justice episode, but I can't find anything in the comics proper.

So here are some of YJ Zatanna as Dr. Fate,

Zatanna's Fate by *inspector97 on deviantART

Zatanna is Doctor Fate by *Glee-chan on deviantART

Doctor Fate by ~King-of-Losers on deviantART

Doctor Fate Zatanna. by ~Hero-sketch on deviantART

Fated by ~Sherlockmysteries on deviantART