Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Hallows Day!

Today is the day that Ever After by Kim Harrison is released.

I really enjoy these books. Rachel is growing not only as a witch, but a character.  She is not making the same dumb mistakes she was making in "Dead Witch Walking".  Though this time she has to solve a problem she made for herself.  And damn. Is that not the coolest looking cover?

I don't do Pinterest, but there is a collection of all the cool Hollows covers from Kim Harrison's site.  It's kind of cool to see so many different versions of Rachel and Ivy. 

Maybe I mentioned this or not, but I alternate between reading a Hallows book and a Dresden Files one.  I just finished the very awesome Cold Days and now Ever After is up.  Yeah me!

Of course this causes interesting thoughts in my head.  What would it be like if Harry and Rachel ever had to take on a case together?  Totally different worlds yeah, but maybe that is part of the problem.  Their realities are bleeding into each other.  How would they react to each other? Violence seems to be the likely answer.  What would Ivy think of Thomas? Jenks of Toot-toot? Trent of Mab or Marcone?  The possibilities of mayhem are almost too delicious to ignore!

Given that all the Hallows books' titles are plays on Clint Eastwood movie titles it is tempting to use something like "Le Streghe" aka "The Witches".   The movie was made of five different stories, so I could do five different games where Rachel and Ivy find themselves.  Hmm.

Ok. Here we go.  Rachel and Ivy are on a run.  They fight some bad guy and get some weird artifact. The artifact jumps them to different realities where they have to encounter different witches.
I could use some stats I have already put together for some of the games.
So I have Unisystem for their crossover to Willow & Tara's universe. The start of Cortext Plus for Smallville Crossover to meet up with Zatanna and OVA for some other crossover, maybe Witch Hunter Robin.  I would HAVE to do the Dresden Files RPG for that one and then one more game.
I'd do Harry Potter but Hermione is already involved in her own crossover.

Could be a lot of fun with the right people.

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Tammy Theriault said...

Wow,.the cover is awesome, totally charging! I'll have to check out her blog and book