Sunday, January 27, 2013

Going Back to Glantri, Glantri, Glantri...

Just picked the old GAZ3 Glantri Gazetteer.
I had it before, but lost it in one of my purges over the years.

Glantri was my old stomping ground since I first picked up the Expert Set all those years ago.

Course I changed it around 8th grade (82-83), the population was tired of being controlled by creatures they barely recognized as humans, so there there was an uprising.
Eventually a king was named and the country converted to a Lawful Good religion.   I began calling this "The Holy Lands of Glantri".  If you were on the old MYSTARA-L lists you might have seen me post somethings about it.

I loved that the city of mostly waterways.  And of course how could I not love the Glantri School of Magic.

Re-reading this now I am still impressed and can't wait to use it again.  Though I wonder if I should run it as is?  With the Princes in power.   I really kinda like the political intrigue though I have now.

Great stuff here really.  Even without my own additions.


John said...

Glantri is amazing. I seem to be obsessed with home brew settings, but a pet project that always bubbles up is creating a megadungeon set in Glantri... the need for monster parts, live specimens, recovery of strange artifacts, could fuel many plot hooks and patrons in Glantri, and get the party slowly involved in the Byzantine plots of the wizard princes.

Jeremy "frothsof" Smith said...

This is an early nominee for "blog post title of the year"

Martin R. Thomas said...

So funny - I just blogged about how I had picked this up at a game store called "All Star Games" here in Southern California, in a retrospective I wrote about that store.

I think it just might be my favorite of all of the Gazetteers just because I really liked all of the different Princes of Power stuff and their families and all that. I loved the stuff like the two warring families of Spanish elves... I didn't know much about the politics of the Known World, but that stuff was really cool to me.

Bruce Heard said...

Waving back at all of you with gratitude!

Baron Greystone said...

My favorite gaz, the one product that sells me on mystara. other products are nice, but this is head and shoulders above the rest!