Thursday, September 29, 2011

DriveThruRPG Fall 2011 sale

It is fall and here are the products that DriveThruRPG has made available to loyal blog readers.

The code is DiceInTheFall and tt's good for 20% off for all of the following products.

* Games I own or have played.

Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion [Pinnacle Entertainment]  *Like SW and D&D? then this is great buy.  I use this with other systems too.
Realms of Cthulhu [Reality Blurs]  *SW and CoC! Very cool book
Karma Roleplaying System Core [Bards and Sages] *A deconstruction and reconstruction of d20 system into something new.  I like it.
FantasyCraft [Crafty Games]* another cool de/re construction of the d20 system for gritty play.
Fat Dragon's Dragonshire Deluxe [Fat Dragon Games] *Print and build cities.  My boys get excited anytime they see a Fat Dragon product on my desk because they know it is going to be fun.
Ninja Burger RPG (2nd Edition) [aetherial FORGE]
Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded [Dream Pod 9]
Hero's Handbook: Dragonborn [Goodman Games] *Great stuff for your 4e Dragonborn character.
Splicers RPG [Palladium Books]
Caladon Falls [Savage Mojo]
Legend of the Five Rings (4th Edition) [AEG] *Epic role-playing with all the excitement of the far East.  Spent some time as part of D&D, and as it's own game, but this is the ultimate edition.
Fuzzy Heroes (2nd Edition) [Inner City Games]  *If you have kids then they have stuffed animals.  Here is the game you can bring them to life with.  Great fun and a great way to introduce the younger set to RPGS.
Ave Molech (2nd Edition) [Morbidgames] *Interesting genre mashup.  I need to play this one more.
Book of Alignment (OGL/Pathfinder) [Emerald Press] *164 pages of detail on the alignments.
Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror [Bailey Records] (audio product)
Directors Cut Survival Horror [Crispy Zombie Productions]  (interestingly enough I don't own this one.  Fight have to get it with a 20% discount!)
Friar's Almanac (Complete) [Dark Spire]
Distant Vistas [Draken Games]
Stories in the Ether, Issue 1 (Bundle) [Nevermet Press]
d-Infinity Volume #3: Children of the Night (Gen Con Special Edition) [Skirmisher Publishing]

That's a huge list.  I sure there is something there for everyone.

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