Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Chicago School of Magic

So yesterday I worked with my boys to start up a new Witch Girls Adventures game.  I am calling it "Magick Kids" for them.  They are boys and 8 and 11 at that and would not be open yet to a game with "Girls" in the title.
I am using some ideas from WGA, from the Claremont game I was playing some years back and even some characters (or character ideas) as NPCs from Magic Chicks, Eerie Cuties and School Bites.

I am centering everything around the Chicago School of Magic.

Here is some of the background on the school.  I leaving some of it vague so I can come up with it in-game.

The Chicago School began in appropriately enough in Chicago.  Some like minded witches and wizards gathered together to create a wholly new school to support what they felt was the "working-class" magical student.  They gathered in Chicago's Haymarket and drew up their charter.  Like the general populace of the city at that time, the wizards were a pragmatic sort and many came from a number of different countries and traditions.  They agreed that a new school, with a new vision was needed and opted not to name it after any one wizard or school from the "old countries".    So in 1869 The Chicago School of Magic was founded.

Over the last 140 years the CSM has produced a number of fine wizards.  Many have gone on to great careers in magic, but a fair number have also gone in politics.  Many even suspect that the infamous Chicago Machine is somehow driven by magic. They have had their infamous moments as well.  The Great Fire of Chicago burned down their original school building (and current rumor is that is was a student in Evocations working on "extra-credit").   The famous curse on the Chicago Cubs was done by a graduate that was not allowed to bring his familiar, a goat, to a game.


Rhonin84 said...

Did anything else get put out for this game?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Not really.