Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DCnU the new 52: Batwoman

Picked up the new #1 for Batwoman today.
First time I have bough a comic on the day it has come out in a really long time.

It is really good.

I like the team up of Kate and Bette. I like that Kate and her Dad still have issues.
I like the banter between Kate and Maggie.

The Top Bat makes an appearance at the end, but it obvious that this is not his story.

I think I'll continue to get this one.

My only gripe is Kate is WAY too damn pale.
I know that is part of her character identity, but it looks like she has been colored in properly.

Even when she and Bette were training it looked weird.

Speaking of that scene, this is my favorite part:
Bette: Uh Kate, where's my Flamebird costume?
Kate: I burned it.

Hope JL Dark is as good.


Dangerous Brian said...

Hmmm. Yeah. I understand why she's supposed to be so pale (sleeping all day will do that to you), but she look's like a Vampire!

libra113 said...

I read the vol one trade recently and I was about convinced that she's an albino except I don't think albinos have red hair. It's kind of weird that she can be that pale and no one comments on it or even thinks it's odd or anything. :)

libra113 said...

I recently read the Vol 1 trade and thought it was kind of weird. I about decided that she's an albino but I don't think albinos have red hair. It was kind of weird though that she can be that pale and no one seems to think it's odd or even comment on it. Have they ever explained it and I just missed it or something?