Monday, September 12, 2011

Half-Price Book find: Complete Book of Necromancers

In the waning days of 2nd ed and before 3rd ed was out there was a golden time of ebay sales of older books.
Golden that is if you were a seller.

One such book that went for outrageous prices was the 2nd Ed, Complete Book of Necromancers.  

I had bought this book back in 1995 or so for the cover price.  I held on to it and really enjoyed having it.  Nothing makes for a great arch-villain like a necromancer.  In early 2000 I sold it, along with a ton of my AD&D 2nd Ed. Material on eBay.   I got $83 for that book alone.  Not a bad deal really.

Since that time I have not really thought about that book much other than to gloat on making $65 profit on it.  Sure there were times I wanted to flip through it again, but I had new 3rd Edition material to keep me busy.

Well yesterday at Half-Price books I found another copy.  It was in very good condition and despite the name of the store it was going for $14.00.  Sure they are not fetching much more than 40 on ebay these days either.

Well I own a copy again and happy to have it.  
Reading through it I was caught up in the world of WP and NWP and THAC0 all over again, but the fluff is still great.  Not sure I'll ever actually use it, but it is there now next to my 3e and 4e books of similar nature.


Granger44 said...
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Granger44 said...

I still own several of the blue-covered 2E books like this book. Complete Book of Villains and Campaign Sourcebook and Catacombs guide provide so much good advice that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with just 2E that I had to hang onto them when other books have been sold or given away. Nice find.

The Lord of Excess said...

2nd ed stuff is fire sale priced anymore. There are a few rare books and modules here and there that fetch decent prices but you can generally pick up most of it dirt cheap. In our gaming group we've frequently talked about taking a look at 2nd ed again just for that reason alone. Everyone could buy in with a PHB and some extra fluff books each and easily be in under 50 bucks. The DM could kinda go nuts and easily keep the buy in under 150. With the old school rpg revolution going some of the 1st ed stuff has received a bit of attention but it seems like 3.5 is the golden ticket stuff these days with it being easily converted to pathfinder (if you even need to convert at all in many cases). I still have all of my 2nd ed stuff (probably 100+ books and boxed sets) I've been holding onto it in hopes of using it to run games for my children one day (the oldest is 7 so a few more years yet). I just can't bring myself to part with it ... even though I don't use it. My own home gaming group has cycled through 4th and back to pathfinder, savage worlds, mouseguard, etc. etc. I don't think I've played 2nd ed for 15 years now ... yet I still cling to me old books :)