Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zatannurday: Paul Dini

Tomorrow is Paul Dini's birthday and no discussion of Zatanna can occur unless someone brings up Paul Dini.  Paul Dini loves Zatanna.
How much?
Well I personally can't recall a single Zatanna episode of Batman the Animated Series, Justice League or Batman the Brave and the Bold that he did not write.

He has been the writer for the Zatanna comic since it's debut . Oh and his wife, real life stage magician Misty Lee, is a dead ringer for Zatanna.

One thing though is certain; Paul Dini loves his magic girls.
His own creation is "Jingle Belle" the teen-age daughter of Santa Claus.
He wrote the famous Evil-Lyn episode of Masters of the Universe, The Witch and the Warrior.

So happy birthday Paul Dini!

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Woodclaw said...

Just one personal thought, when the DC announced that Paul Dini as the main writer for the new Zatanna serie I discussed the matter with a friend of mine and the final comment was:
"Do you think that Paul Dini know how to write Zatanna?"
"Well, Paul Dini married Zatanna."