Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zatannurday: New Looks

So few weeks back I posted Zee's "new" look for the Flashpoint series. It was fairly universal that most people hated it.

Well Zee is getting updated AND retro at the same time in two different incarnations.

For the upcoming nDCU we have the team of Justice League Dark.  The group that deals with threats that frankly scare the crap out of the rest of the league.  Here is some of the art for that.

Sorry, could not find a larger pic.
It has Constantine, which is cool and Enchantress and Madame Xanadu, two characters I have wanted to know more about.  Zee is in the middle looking a little Goth really.  I kinda dig the costume to be honest.
In truth JLD is missing Raven.  But that is fine. I am not a big fan of Dead Man, but I can get over that.
The concept is so neat that I might become a digital subscriber to this one.

Also Zee might be a new member of the Young Justice TV show.  Here is some art for that too.
 I't a bit dark (shading, not tone) I know.

I am looking forward to seeing both versions of Zee this September.

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