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Witch Guardian for Cinematic Unisystem

Witch Guardian

The Witch Guardian is a concept I have had for a number of years. When I worked on my d20 book of witches I contacted Greyorm (who did the art above) to see if I could use his Witch Knight in my book which was a similar concept. His is more knight and mine is more armed and armored protector, but the ideas mesh well.

I later updated it from 3.0 to 3.5/Pathfinder and 4e.

Here it is for Cinematic Unisystem using the Ghosts of Albion rules (though Buffy would work too).

Witch Guardian
7-Point Quality
Prerequisite: 1 level of Magic/Sorcerery, must belong to a coven or magical group

Witch Guardians are those witches that protect the faithful not just through magic, but also by the sword.  All witch guardians must train for their new role within the coven.  In traditional coven this also means the witch guardian stands outside the circle.  She is still a member, but can no longer take the roles of the Maiden or High Priestess.
For her devotion and training the witch guardian gets the following boons.
  • Contacts (Supernatural) +1 - the witch guardian gains an additional level of supernatural contacts as she is now a person of interest in the supernatural world.
  • Fast Reaction Time - the combat reflexes are heightened
  • Hard to Kill (4) - witch guardians are protected by their training and magic
  • Natural Toughness - the witch guardian learns how to cloak herself in mystical armor
  • Nerves of Steel - witch guardians are expected to go up against the things that the coven can't handle on their own.
She also gains the following disadvantages.
  • Adversary (1) - the enemies of the coven are the personal enemies of the witch guardian.
  • Honorable +1 - the personal honor of the witch guardian increases by one level.
  • Obligation (Total) - most witch guardians have at least 1 level of obligation to their coven or faith, the dedication to their cause makes this obligation absolute.
  • Tradition Bound - the witch guardian is bound to the traditions of the coven more so than other witches.  So many eschew modern convinces in favor of magical ones.
In addition the witch guardian may choose a supernatural quality (reserved for demons, vampires, faeries or ghosts) when she has the points to do so and with permission from the Director.

Witch guardians typically take on a new name when they join the guard.

Special Note: A witch guardian can not also already have the Guardian of the Watchtowers quality.  A character can be a Witch Guardian and then choose to be a Guardian of the Watchtower later. But they can't be a Guardian of the Watchtower then become a witch guardian.

Using Witch Guardians in Your Game
A witch guardian makes a perfect adversary, ally or foil for many game groups.
As an adversary the witch guardian is protecting a coven of witches that the cast need to get too.  While they may be expecting spells and magical attacks, a sword wielding AND spell using threat is some thing different all together.
As an ally the witch guardian brings the same magical and melee combat expertise, but she is also learned in the occult and connected to the supernatural world in a way other witches are not.

I have used witch guardians in my games over the years and they are some of my favorite characters.  Angelik was an immortal witch guardian protecting the hand of Yoln in The Dragon and the Phoenix.  Brigh and Cerwedden were witch guardians charged with protecting Tara and Willow in Season of the Witch.
I have also used Scáthach in my Ghosts of Albion games.

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