Friday, August 12, 2011

Quintessential D&D (Half-baked ideas)

So building off of my "Half-Baked Adventure" a couple of days of ago I have decided that I want to choose good dungeon crawl 1-shots from each system.

So here is what I have at the moment.

AD&D 1st Ed:
AD&D 2nd Ed:
AD&D 3rd Ed:
D&D 4th Ed:

Not much.
Basic might be the easiest.  B1 In Search of the Unknown is my go to adventure of choice and totally sandbox.  I can fit it to anything really. Plus it is simple enough to get through in a session or two.
AD&D 1 I am aiming at 4-7 level ranges, so that is not so bad either.  Ghost Tower of Inverness might be good.
AD&D 2 would be above "name level", so above 10th level to 14th or so.  Something from the Forgotten Realms might be good.
D&D3 would need to be above that but not yet 20th.  The 3.5 update to Tomb of Horrors fits here.
D&D4 would be above 20th level. The 4e update to Tomb would also work here.

Using the updates might sound cheesy, but I want it to be an epic adventure and I want it to tour the history of the game.

Still planning!

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Theron said...

I thought of something similar, with each edition's section taking place in a hallmark setting. So B/X would be the Caves of Chaos, AD&D1 would be in the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, AD&D2 would be somewhere in Undermountain (or possibly a Spelljammer interlude), 3.5 would take place on Eberron, and 4e would be...well, somewhere 4e-ish. The Feywild, maybe. I like John Rogers' take on it.