Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tome of Horrors Complete...Completer...more Complete

I could not help it.

I got the the S&W version of Tome of Horrors.

The brief monster hooks are fantastic and I would have loved to see them in the Pathfinder version too.


5stonegames said...

As I understand it you will get the PF hooks as a web enhancement.

Man I wish I could afford these books, ah well, hopefully the PDF will be in circulation a while.

Anyway conceptually the ToH is a wonderful book and with a copy of it and either Dark Dungeons or Swords and Wizardry Complete and a thick DM's notebook (including other little bits of rules) you'd have a lifetime of gaming. Thats just awesome.

Keith Davies said...

Sadness, I can't seem to find a hardcopy of the PF version for sale anywhere :/

Keith Davies said...

Apparently I'm kind of stupid today, since I didn't realize it's not out in print yet anyway (and you can't preorder through Amazon, huh).

Preordered through Paizo, now waiting for the PDF download link.

Ciara said...

I'm excited to follow your blog as you are the first one that writes horror. I haven't read this genre since HS. I'm looking forward to testing the creepy waters again.