Monday, June 26, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 6, Room 26

Room 26: The Chamber of the Blood Pool

Going back to Room 24 and taking the next left, this takes you to another dark chamber. 

Room 26

This room is dominated by a large stone pool in the middle of the floor. The pool is still filled with blood.

Upon entering the candles light and six ghostly figures appear. They come into focus as they light the candles, telling the party (in Elvish) that they welcome them and must prepare them for the bath. At this they take out long wicked-looking knives and they attack.

The ghosts are Umbrals, and they are former shadow elf maidservants to the Vampire Queen.

The umbrals can't harm anyone with their knives, but the wail of lament is another story.

The walls are covered in murals that tell the tale of how the Vampire Queen came to the Shadow Elves, slew thousands (she walks on their skulls), and enslaved the others. Other murals show this bathing room where the maidservants cut the throats of other shadow elves to fill the bath, where the Vampire Queen goes in looking like a monster and comes back out looking young and beautiful again. There are a few panels where the Vampire Queen can be seen striking her servants and drinking their blood. 

The umbrals have no treasure, but there are still the remains of some gowns in a dressing nook. They have gold threads and jewels totaling 3,000 gp. 

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