Monday, June 12, 2023

Monstrous Mondays: Shadow Elves for Old-School Essentials

I have a couple of things going on this month. First off I am still doing the #Dungeon23 challenge. The level for June is the dead city of the Shadow Elves. Also,  I am waiting for the print proof of Monster Mash II to arrive. So I figure I can do a little for both today and detail the Shadow Elf from Monster Mash I as an OSE Monster listing. 

Old School Essentials Monster Mash

I have done Shadow Elves before, but not as a proper Old-School Essentials monster. 

shadow elf
Shadow Elf

Tall, thin elves with pale gray to dark gray skin. They have jet-black hair and long, pointed ears. Also known as Umbral Elves. They live in dark cave systems and places where shadows are the strongest.

Armor Class: 6 [13]
Hit Dice: 1* (4hp)
Attacks: 1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon)
THAC0: 18 [+1]
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Saving Throws: D12 W13 P13 B15 S15 (Elf 1)
Morale: 8 (10 with leader)
Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic Neutral)
XP: 19
Number Appearing: 1d4 (2d12)
Treasure Type: C

  • Infravision 90'
  • Immune to the touch of Ghouls and Ghasts
  • Necromancer spells. A Shadow Elf can cast one 1st level Necromancer spell.
  • Leader: Groups of 15+ are led by an elf of level 1d6 + 1. The leader may have magical items: 5% chance per level for each magic item table.

Shadow Elves are often confused with Dark Elves. 

Most Shadow Elves follow the Faerie Lord Scáthaithe, The Umbral Lord.  Others have fallen under the sway of Darlessa the Vampire Queen.

Shadow Elves as an OSE-Advanced Race

Shadow elves have the following requirements and can take the following classes.

Requirements: 15 or greater on DEX
Ability Modifiers: +1 to DEX

  • Acrobat: 10th
  • Assassin: 10th
  • Barbarian: NA
  • Bard: 10th
  • Cleric: 5th
  • Druid: 5th
  • Fighter: 10th
  • Illusionist: 9th
  • Knight: 10th
  • Magic-User: 8th
  • Paladin: NA
  • Ranger: NA
  • Thief: 10th
  • Gothic Witch: 10th
  • Profane Necromancer: 10th

I need to update my twins, Runu and Urnu, to these rules. With Runu as a Profane Necromancer and Urnu as a Gothic Witch. 


Russell said...

Sounds interesting. I have something like that in a homebrew setting I am in middle of writing.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Very Cool!