Saturday, October 5, 2019

October Horror Movie Challenge: Prophecy (1979)

Wait...are they implying that Armand Assante is a Native American???  That and more horrors are found in Prophecy!

Ok this movie kinda freaked me out when I first saw it at the 67 Drive-In (named for Illinois Route 67).  It really has not aged well.  I saw a while back on TV (maybe 20 years ago) and even then it looked dated.  But today?  Yeesh.

Funny thing though the central theme, a big American company invading land belonging to Native American and poisoning their water supply is pretty much "Ripped from the Headlines" today.
Plus the idea of a giant mutated grizzly is a fun one.
The execution...not so much.

But my real beef with this movie (besides the aforementioned Armand Assante as a Native American) is that the movie is called "Prophecy" but what prophecy?  Sure there is the legend of the Katahdin (named for the largest mountain in the area I assume), but that is not a prophecy really.

Of course Armand Assante and Robert Foxworth and both better actors than this movie would have you believe.  Thankfully both went on to big and better gigs.

The poster for this movie was also much better than the movie itself.  I also remember the trailer promising me more than the movie would or could deliver.

It was left open for a sequel, but none ever happened as far as I know.

Watched: 5
New: 3


Talysman said...

The thing that annoys me about Prophecy is: I always confuse it with The Prophecy (1995).

I think I saw the bear movie once, but if so, it was so forgettable I can't remember the plot, only the basic concept. I do not want to see it again.

But The Prophecy? I so, so want to see that again.

Mike Monaco said...

I read the novelization -- or maybe the original novel it was based on? -- before I saw the movie on VHS. The book was one of several horror novels from my grandmother's collection. It was not bad, from what I recall though my standards were not terribly high as a teenager.

Cross Planes said...

I remember that image at the Video Village from when I was 12 or 13. It scared me. Sadly, the movie did not.