Wednesday, October 2, 2019

October Horror Movie Challenge: The Forest (1982)

This one was an "attack of opportunity" it showed up this afternoon and though, what the hell, it's close enough to my theme this year. 

The Forest (1982)

Well, what do we have here? Campy dialog, cheesy music, casual sexism, murders.  It's light on the horror, to be honest.

We see a couple hiking in the woods and without introduction or preamble, they are killed.
We then get to our "heroes" of
Two couples decide to go camping with the women heading up first followed by their husbands. 

I have to mention how bad the soundtrack is.  The theme song is particularly bad.  "In the DARK SIIIIDE OF THE FOOOOREST!"

The two guys argue and complain about everything. I already hate them.

Some creepy kids show up. I can't tell if they are supposed to be ghosts or not.  I am going to assume they are ghosts, it keeps it more entertaining.   The creepy kids get their creepy dad, who I am also going to assume is a ghost, and he goes hunting for the two women.  Yes. This is the "Daddy" mentioned on the poster.

Well, the "Dad" is not a ghost, but a garden variety psycho-killer, turned cannibal.
One of the dudes is killed by "Daddy" and the other one gets hurt, but Sharon kills the Dad.  The kids then move on to the next world.

I'd like my 90 mins back now.

Watched: 2
New: 2

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Sean Robert Meaney said...

Here, some chinese horror anime, slightly better than the forest.