Saturday, May 2, 2015

Zatannurday: Scarlet Witch Edition

So I guess there is some Marvel movie out this weekend.
All I know is it isn't the Justice League!

All snark aside, I was never a big Avengers fan.  To me they spent as much time fighting each other as they did the threats attacking from outside.   Not that the JL was perfect mind you, but I still liked them better.

That all being said, I can't not post today and not at least mention the Scarlet Witch.
So for today here is a special Scarlet Witch edition of Zatannurday!

Scarlet Witch by IanJMiller on DeviantArt

Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch by FEVG620 on DeviantArt

Zatanna vs Witch Scarlet by rafabruno0 on DeviantArt

This Magic Moment by EthereaS on DeviantArt

Last Words by ShinyRaven on DeviantArt

Zatanna From Dc Vs Scarlet Witch from Marvel by newsuperdannyzx on DeviantArt

And a few White Witches

Wanda Zatara by AerianR on DeviantArt

White Witch by FYeahSTZ on DeviantArt

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Jo said...

Wanda's face looks like a male.

Jeff said...

You don't like the "Marvel Handshake"? How else are heroes suppose to know who is the strongest of all. (HINT: Hulk is.)