Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not a bird. Not a plane.

I am inordinately fond of Supergirl.

This looks so awesome.

And I am going on record that Calista Flockhart is going rock as Cat.

Marvel may have the theaters, but DC owns TV.


Rich Howard said...

I also love Kara, and finally having a female-lead superhero show is just awesome. So many incredible things you can do with Kara, actually growing up on Krypton gives her knowledge of technology far beyond your average Earth human. She knew that her powers would manifest before even going to Earth, and as a teenager would be able to explore them more efficiently (especially if she gets Kal's help) making her an expert. She was fully aware of losing her entire planet, her friends, watching her family die, making her deep and interesting and contemplative in a way Kal can only imagine.

Luckily they decided to skip all that and give us the no-joke version of the Black Widow Movie spoof.

I really want to be excited about this, too, and will definitely watch it to see what they do. This trailer, though, just frustrates me.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I think it will rock. Even if it has some rom-com elements it will still be great.

David Pulver said...

Looks like a great trailer to me. Looking forward to this!